Facebook Paid Ads Manager. Beginner 

· June 23, 2021

Our Facebook Paid Ads course consists of several modules. Each of them is divided into lessons to make it easier for you to navigate the topics that are of higher priority to you. After completing all the modules, you will gain the necessary knowledge for finding clients, presenting your services, creating and launching advertising campaigns. 

In one of the modules, we talk about setting up ads for your services and the main free methods to attract customers. Here you will also learn about creating video reviews for the client: how to record them correctly and what to tell the client. 

Another module is devoted to writing sales texts for your advertising. At this stage, you will learn how to create a client portrait, identify his pains and needs, and identify a unique selling proposition for the further creation of advertising creative. 

And in the next module, we will move on to the technical settings of Ads Manager to launch ads. We will look at the algorithms for advertising on Facebook and Instagram, learn about the different goals of advertising campaigns, create a pixel, and go directly to how to correctly read statistics in a Facebook Ad account and edit ad campaigns. 

But that’s not all! After completing our free course, you will have the opportunity to join the community with our experts, where you will get access to 10 modules on the following topics: 

  • Marketing Funnel and Customer Journey Map
  • Facebook Pixel and SDK
  • Auction work and principles of purchasing advertising
  • Structuring account and campaigns
  • Segmenting the target audience
  • Working with communication and creatives
  • Testing
  • Results analyzation
  • Working with Google Analytics
  • Business Manager


About this course

Introduction lesson

Unit 1. The main useful features of your effective start in dealing with facebook

  1. Useful features for posting on Facebook
  2. Methods of calculating average reach on Facebook
  3. Settings of your Facebook page

Unit 2. How to work effectively on facebook

  1. Types of Facebook pages
  2. Two of the most priority types of Facebook profiles
  3. The Facebook’s Algorithm
  4. Your Facebook page reach

Unit 3. Visual content on facebook

  1. The Importance of Visual Content
  2. Live Video Streams on Facebook
  3. Staying Up-to-Date on Facebook Changes

Unit 4. Putting facebook to work

  1. All about the content
  2. The accurate focus of your posts
  3. Using Marketing Options on Facebook

Unit 5. Work effectively with facebook messenger

  1. Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone independent app
  2. Messenger Options
  3. Benefits of direct engagement with your customers
  4. Using all the opportunities of Facebook Messenger

Unit 6. Facebook advertising

  1. The Five Benefits of Facebook Advertising
  2. Advertising set up
  3. Different Options of Visual Ads on Facebook
  4. The Factors of Delivering Ads on Facebook
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Course Includes

  • 21 Lessons