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· June 4, 2021

About this course

More than 120 lessons on setting up targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 

After completing our course, you will learn how to find customers and offer your services correctly, write the most effective selling posts, and launch advertising campaigns, knowing all the Facebook algorithms.

Detailed description of modules:

MODULE 1: Finding customers and selling your services. 

  • Block 1. Finding Customers
  • Block 2. Presenting your services to a client
    • 2.1. Using Video Analysis
    • 2.2. Attracting a client through a personal meeting (online or offline)
  • Block 3. Attracting clients through Facebook
  • Block 4. Instructions for video reviews
    • 4.1. 4-step client onboarding
  • Block 5. The first step of client onboarding: the kick-off meeting
  • Block 6. The second step of client onboarding: gaining access
  • Block 7. The third step of client onboarding: data analysis
  • Block 8. The fourth step of client onboarding: presentation

In this module, we’ll talk about setting up ads for your services. The three main free methods to attract customers are targeting, groups, and comments. Free video analysis is the primary tool you need to do regarding advertising.

Based on the questionnaire, you can immediately analyze the niche, sub-niche, product, and target audience. This lesson will also discuss the video review for clients: how to record it and what to cover in the presentation to the client. We are engaged in targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Based on the client database, emails, and phone numbers, you can find a similar audience.

Three points should be considered. The first is finding target customers, what advertising goal to use in a particular case, and what advertising message to write. It’s vital to apply effective onboarding to work successfully. That means engaging and retain the client to demonstrate the value of your offer. 

MODULE 2: Copywriting for advertising. 

  • Block 1. Audience and products segmentation
  • Block 2. Effective product presentation
  • Block 3. Client portrait
  • Block 4. Advertising Messages
  • Block 5. How to stand out from competitors
  • Block 6. Unique Selling Proposition
  • Block 7. Designing ad mock ups

In this module, we will discuss the topic of writing sales texts for your ad. The pivot tables describe examples of niches, sub-niches, and products. We all have a niche and work in that direction. Each has certain sub-niches. From the sub-niches, you will need to select and register your niche.

The next step is to define products in this sub-niche. Next, you will choose one of your products. The following task is to determine the target audience segments for your product. The next step: we take one segment of the audience and determine the main pains of this segment associated with this product.

We will also talk about how to define a client portrait correctly. We also talk about the stages of market awareness – what your potential customers know about your product and the benefits that your product can solve. In this tutorial, we will also talk about the design of creatives, what services you need to use.

MODULE 3: FB Ads Manager Technical. 

  • Block 1. Algorithm for setting up a FB ad
  • Block 2. Creating and Configuring Target Audiences
  • Block 3. Creating a campaign in Facebook Ads Manager
  • Block 4. Create and Customize Facebook Pixel
  • Block 5. Launching campaigns with different advertising goals
  • Block 6. Launching Retargeting Campaigns
  • Block 7. Statistics and Editing of Advertising Companies (FB Business manager)

After you compose the sales ad and creatives, you can go directly to FB Ads Manager’s technical settings to launch the ad campaign. We consider the algorithm for setting up Facebook and Instagram ads.

First, create target audiences and configure them in your account. Next, develop the first advertising campaign, examining all the elements for its creation. The next step is to set up the Facebook pixel. You will learn how this pixel works and how to create advertising campaigns based on this pixel.

Also, you will learn about the different goals of advertising campaigns. Next, we will adjust the pixel; this is one of the most effective strategies. We will analyze the retargeting of advertising campaigns (how it works and is configured in your account). Then, we will go directly to how to correctly read statistics in the Facebook advertising account and edit advertising campaigns according to specific rules. 

After completing our course, you will learn how to:

  • Find customers and offer your services correctly
  • Write the most effective sales posts
  • Launch advertising campaigns, knowing all the Facebook algorithms

We are glad that you have chosen us. We wish you success in your studies and stay in touch!

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